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Join the Trillion dollar
Exchange Revolution

Marine Coin is a new digital currency which uniquely powers the 'tokenisation' of the trillion-dollar maritime industry.

Marine Coin is the native token of Shipfinex, a multi-layer next-generation infrastructure for the maritime industry consisting of a digital exchange, decentralised maritime services marketplace, lightning fast P2P transactions & offerings of tokenised ships (Real World Assets)

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Marine Coin

MarineCoin is the native exchange token of ShipFinex.
The token will enable fractional ownership of ships that generate income, global payments, remittances & operational expenditure by shipping companies worldwide

Exchange Token

Marine Coin is the digital token powering the Shipfinex platform. Investment opportunities offered are only available once an investor has purchased the Marine Coins.


Participate in our exciting staking program to earn attractive returns, dividends & unique rewards!


Only holders of MarineCoins can have the opportunity to purchase fractional shares of ships offered by ShipFinex


Dividends to our investors are paid out in Marine Coins which can either be reinvested in other ships on the platform, exchanged or sold

Exciting Future

Shipfinex will enable more markets, partnerships & features enhancing MarineCoin utility & adoption

Rewards & Discounts

 HODL'ers will receive preferential discounts, early event invites, VIP event attendance and exclusive rewards.


Part of our team

Sunil Arora
Capt Vikas Pandey
Suraz Kottakki
Chief Commercial Officer
Ravi Shankar
Chief Business Development Officer
Kelly Fenemore
Kawal Arora
Product Head
Ashish Kots
Blockchain Engineer
Sanjeev Kumar

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