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11th July 2023

Shipowner Expectations From Maritime Education, Dubai

Our recent participation in the ICS Middle East event was nothing short of remarkable. Engaging with industry stalwarts like Steve Kunzer and Glenn Murphy was a privilege that enriched our perspective.


The event's high tea session, centered around "Shipowner's Expectations" and the professional development of the commercial desk, was an enlightening experience. We had the opportunity to hear from distinguished guest speakers, including ICS Chairman Glenn Murphy FICS and Steve Kunzer FICS of Lila Global. Their insights shed light on the evolving landscape of maritime commerce.


Special appreciation to Captain Zarir Irani MBA, Hon.FIIMS, FNI, FICS, HCMM, for steering the ship of this engaging event.

Our interactions with ship owners during this event were both valuable and eye-opening. Gaining insights into their expectations and aspirations was a fantastic experience. It's through these dialogues that we continue to refine our approach at ShipFinex, aligning our strategies to meet the industry's evolving demands.


Thank you to ICS Middle East for providing us this platform to engage, learn, and grow. We look forward to further collaborations that drive maritime innovation to new heights.

2nd May 2023

ICS ME Awards Nite, Dubai

Our Participating in the ICS Middle East Branch's Awards Nite marked a highlight in our journey. Engaging with maritime veterans and emerging professionals was an absolute pleasure. A sincere thank you to Captain Zarir Irani MBA and Jasmin Fichte for this opportunity, reflecting collaboration and commitment to industry advancement.


As platinum sponsors, ShipFinex took pride in acknowledging exceptional student achievements. Witnessing these bright minds embrace excellence was truly heartening.


The event provided a platform to discuss the vibrant collaboration between ICS Middle East and ShipFinex, embodying innovation in maritime commerce. Recognition for our contribution humbled us, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering maritime finance's future.

Kudos to ICS Middle East for nurturing talent and fostering industry connections. Anticipating more engagements for a thriving maritime future.

27th April 2023

Shiptek Conference & Awards 2023 - Singapore

What an exhilarating voyage it has been at the ShipTek Singapore Conference! Our ShipFinex co-founders, ShipFinex's co-founders, Vikas Pandey and Ravi Shankar, embarked on an invigorating journey of connecting with maritime luminaries.


This event marked a pivotal step in our voyage to revolutionize the maritime economy through tokenization. The conference buzzed with electrifying energy and shared enthusiasm, uniting the maritime world toward tokenizing the industry. Amidst this revolutionary tide, we proudly stood at the forefront. Kudos to Captain Vikas Pandey for his illuminating session on "Tokenizing Trillion-Dollar Economy." His insights resonated, sparking engaging dialogues.


This event provided us an invaluable platform to interact with marine industry's finest minds, exploring the latest trends and innovations. With enriched perspectives, we're set to propel our mission forward, reshaping the maritime landscape. Thank you, Captain Vikas Pandey, for your expertise. The ShipTek Singapore Conference has been an incredible odyssey, fueling our journey of transformation.