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10-13th October 2022

Future Blockchain Summit

As we set our eyes to draw traction from the biggest Crypto friendly geographies in the globe, we set foot in Dubai to attend, represent and showcase ShipFinex at the Future Blockchain Summit. It was a power-packed 4 day event that attracted visitors, investors, builders and Web3 enthusiasts and even folks from Web2 who wanted to explore what new is coming up in the space of blockchain. 

We took a booth at the Future Blockchain Summit whereby the ShipFinex team attended the visitors, explained to them what we are building at ShipFinex and intrigued everyone’s interest into this unique asset class through the concept of real-world asset tokenisation and fractional ownership. Apart from this, our COO, Capt.Vikas Pandey also showcased ShipFinex as a project at the BlockStage in the Future Blockchain Summit arena led by an Q&A session. It truly was an eventful experience for the team to connect with such a matured Web3 crowd and create a brand name for ShipFinex at such a global stage.    

Past Events

20th July 2022

India Blockchain Week Exhibition

Our first venture to connect with a massive and emerging community led us to participate in the India Blockchain Week where we joined hands with a number of emerging and established Web3 leaders and projects to share insights on how the industry is shaping for the better. 


ShipFinex took a booth at the India Blockchain Week where we got the chance to meet people from multiple verticals of Crypto and Web3. It was a perfect way to display ourselves as an emerging project and establish the narrative of what we are building.

18th October 2022

ShipFinex sponsored The Middle East branch of the ICS networking event

On October 18, 2022, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Middle East chapter hosted a networking event sponsored by ShipFinex. The event included a special panel discussion on "Blockchain Enabling Evolution in Shipping Finance" to advance the idea of combining Web3 and maritime ecosystems.101 attendees, including individuals from ICS and the Web3 ecosystem, attended the event. 


Jagdish Pandya, a seasoned startup mentor and the creator of BlockOn Capital, an accelerator for forthcoming Web3 businesses, hosted a panel discussion. The panelists were Mr. Sunil Arora, CEO and Co-Founder of ShipFinex, Mr. Edwin Lee, CEO of NeoVision Ventures in Dubai, Mr. Tony Dagher, Managing Director of TMC Shipping in the UAE, Mr. Nijoe Joseph, an experienced maritime attorney at Stephenson Harwood. 


Following the panel discussion, Capt. Vikas Pandey, COO and Co-Founder of ShipFinex, presented ShipFinex's vision of creating the first maritime exchange platform and sparking a new revolution in the maritime sector.