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About ShipFinex:

Navigating Maritime Dreams

Our Journey


ShipFinex's journey began with a vision to transform the maritime industry, making ship ownership accessible to all. Our story is one of evolution and adaptation in the face of industry challenges and a changing world.


A New Beginning: ShipFinex

In July 2022, we relaunched ShipFinex, and our first seminar in Dubai garnered industry attention. Our mission is clear: democratize ship ownership through blockchain and fractional ownership.


Today, ShipFinex is more than a platform; it's an invitation to join us on this transformative journey. We celebrate innovation, transparency, and shared ownership in an age-old industry.


Welcome aboard as we navigate the future, together

The Spark: 

Blockchain's Potential

In 2017, we encountered blockchain technology—a powerful tool with the potential to reshape traditional industries. Inspired by its decentralized nature, we imagined a future where anyone could become a ship owner.

Crafting the Vision

Our team, including maritime professionals and technologists, came together to craft the blueprint. Fractional ship ownership was the goal, but the industry was not quite ready.

A Pivotal Partnership

A crucial encounter with a visionary ship broker in the Middle East reignited our vision. The question remained: should the community or the ship owners come first?

A World in Transformation

In 2020, the world shifted with the pandemic. Remote work, technology, and innovation took center stage. We knew it was time to revive our project.

Marine Asset Technical Committee (MATC)

The MATC is a pivotal governance body within Shipfinex's framework, designed to ensure fair play and transparency in maritime asset tokenization. It functions as an oversight and adjudicatory panel, focusing on vessel integrity, operational data, and financial data against industry benchmarks, and addressing complaints from Maritime Asset Token (MAT) holders.

A panel of experts from ship registry, insurance, chartering, technical management, crewing, ownership, selling, commercial management, maritime regulatory bodies, blockchain & banking technology

Ex-Director, IMO Regulatory Authority, Chair
Capt. Ashok Mahapatra 

Ex-Chairman of ICS (ME) 

Ship chartering & Maritime Finance 

Dr Krishna Prasad
Maritime Flag State Affairs
Capt. Amarjit Kauchhur
Maritime Arbitration & Incident  Investigation Expert
Mr Jagmeet S Makkar

Classification Society & 

Technical Matters

Mr Nikeel Idnani 
Maritime Legal Affairs Expert
Mr Nijoe Joseph
Banking & Technology
Mr Prasanna Lohar

Partner & Asst Director BCG, 

Digital Banking & Finance 

Dr B Kronfellner


Tony Dagher
Chairman & Co-Founder
Tony Dagher
Capt. Vikas Pandey
Founder & CEO
Capt Vikas Pandey
Suraz Kottakki
Founder & COO
Suraz Kottakki
Kawal Arora
Co-Founder & CTO
Kawal Arora
Ravi Shankar
Co-Founder & CCO
Ravi Shankar
Secretary to the Board
Ope Onadipe


Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner
Partner & Associate Director in BCG
Mr. Krishna Prasad
Dr. Krishna Prasad

Ex-Chairman of ICS (ME) 

Ship chartering & Maritime Finance 

Mr. Varun Sethi
Mr. Varun Sethi


Blockchain Lawyer

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