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Top 10 Container Companies in the Shipping Industry

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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  • Top 10 Container Companies in the Shipping Industry

    • Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

    • A.P. Moller–Maersk Group

    • CMA CGM Group

    • China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)

    • Hapag-Lloyd

    • Evergreen Marine

    • Ocean Network Express (ONE)

    • Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)

    • Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

    • Zim Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM)

Container Companies in the Shipping Industry
Container Companies

Top 10 Container Shipping Companies in the Shipping Industry - Containerization, a groundbreaking transport paradigm, has revolutionized global trade by standardizing cargo into uniform containers. Originating in the mid-20th century, this innovation streamlined loading, transit, and unloading processes, yielding expedited shipments, diminished pilferage, and enhanced cost efficiency.

Containerization's impact on global trade has been seismic. By streamlining loading and unloading processes, it has drastically minimized transit times, curbed pilferage, and lowered costs. The rise of containerization has also democratized trade, allowing landlocked nations access to global markets.

In 2023, we spotlight key players in this containerization evolution. Our analysis focuses on maritime giants shaping the industry's current landscape. We delve into critical metrics—TEU capacities, operational hubs, origins, financial achievements, and workforce dynamics, from Alphaliner. These maritime leaders embody modern trade, steering global commerce on the waves they helped create.

Top 10 Container Companies in the Shipping Industry

1. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC):

Container Companies
Source: Wikipedia

  • TEU: 4,572,036

  • HQ: Based in Geneva, Switzerland

  • Founded: 1970

  • Revenue: $28.2 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Around 150,000

MSC holds the distinction of being the largest privately owned maritime enterprise worldwide. Boasting an extensive fleet of 730 container ships, including the four biggest container vessels globally, MSC's collective capacity surpasses 4.5 million TEUs. Its operations span 155 nations, encompassing 520 distinct ports.

2. A.P. Moller–Maersk Group:

Maersk Line
Source: Maritimegateway

  • TEU: 4,255,710

  • HQ: Centered in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Established: 1904

  • Revenue: Approximately $106 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Exceeding 100,000

A.P. Moller–Maersk Group, chiefly through its primary arm Maersk Line, stands as the premier overseas cargo and freight carrier globally. The enterprise administers 711 container ships and commands a TEU capacity exceeding 4.2 million. Maersk Line maintains a vast global presence, operating in 130 countries and overseeing more than 900 subsidiary units.

3. CMA CGM Group:

Source: Logisticsinsider

  • TEU: 3,384,710

  • HQ: Situated in Marseille, France

  • Founded: 1978

  • Revenue: Roughly $55.97 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Approximately 130,000

CMA CGM Group ranks as the world's third-largest maritime corporation, maintaining a fleet of 599 vessels and a TEU capacity eclipsing 3.3 million. It extends its influence to 160 nations, docking at 420 global ports. CMA CGM Group upholds a robust international network, supported by over 755 offices across the planet. {Top 10 Container Shipping Companies}

4. China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)

Cosco Shipping
Source: Seatrade-Maritime

  • TEU: 2,863,660

  • HQ: Located in Beijing, China

  • Founded: 1961

  • Revenue: Estimated at $10.2 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Approximately 17,000

COSCO, subsequent to its merger with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), currently ranks as the fourth-largest maritime entity globally. With an aggregate capacity surpassing 2.8 million TEUs, COSCO commands 462 vessels, including five out of the top ten largest container ships globally. The enterprise's influence is particularly pronounced in China, with operations spanning over 400 customer service offices worldwide.

5. Hapag-Lloyd:

Source: hapag-lloyd

  • TEU: 1,733,452

  • HQ: Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany

  • Founded: 1847

  • Revenue: Estimated at around $26.36 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Approximately 14,500

Hapag-Lloyd materialized following a merger with Chile's CSAV in 2014, thus establishing itself as one of the preeminent maritime companies globally. It steers a fleet of 249 contemporary container ships, docking at 350 ports across 117 nations. The enterprise annually ships approximately 11.9 million TEUs and maintains an extensive network spanning more than 400 offices in 137 countries. {container shipping companies}

6. Evergreen Marine:

Evergreen Marine
Source: Evergreen-Line

  • TEU: 1,636,837

  • HQ: Situated in Taoyuan City, Taiwan

  • Established: 1968

  • Revenue: Approximately $5.2 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Roughly 10,500

Evergreen Marine, operating under the banner of Evergreen Line, secures its spot as the sixth-largest maritime container corporation. Its fleet encompasses over 208 vessels, servicing 240 ports across 80 countries. The enterprise's primary focus centres on container ships, with the largest vessels belonging to the 8,500 TEU L-type container class.

7. Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Source: one-line

  • TEU: 1,527,159

  • HQ: Dual headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and Singapore

  • Founded: 2017

  • Revenue: Approximately $30.1 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Around 14,000

Ocean Network Express, the outcome of the amalgamation of three major Japanese corporations—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha—holds a fleet comprising 205 vessels, including super-large ships with a capacity of up to 20,000 TEUs. ONE administers a network encompassing over 120 countries.

8. Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)
Source: Maritimegateway

  • TEU: 818,063

  • HQ: Based in Seoul, South Korea

  • Established: 1976

  • Revenue: Estimated at $4.9 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Approximately 1,678

Hyundai Merchant Marine, an affiliate of the Hyundai Group, manages a modern fleet of 76 vessels, catering to 50 sea routes and over 100 ports of call. With a truly global presence, the enterprise maintains international headquarters, subsidiaries, branches, and offices distributed across diverse nations. {container shipping companies}

9. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

  • TEU: 707,354

  • HQ: Headquartered in Keelung, Taiwan

  • Founded: 1972

  • Revenue: Approximately $10.8 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Unavailable

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation oversees 94 vessels, with a primary focus on container ships. Its operational capacity encompasses 716,000 TEUs, cultivating a robust presence in Taiwan and other locales, with over 170 service points spanning the globe.

10. Zim Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM)

Zim Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM)
Source: joc

  • TEU: 430,541

  • HQ: Situated in Haifa, Israel

  • Established: 1945

  • Revenue: Roughly $3.7 Billion (USD)

  • Employees: Approximately 4,200

Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Israel's foremost maritime entity, administers a fleet consisting of 139 vessels, reaching over 180 ports globally and presenting 70 lines and services. The enterprise has intensified its footprint in China while concurrently investing in advanced IT solutions to optimize its operations.

In summation, these leading 10 maritime container companies in 2023 play a pivotal role in global trade. Their substantial fleets, expansive networks, and widespread presence across numerous nations contribute significantly to the efficient movement of commodities across the world. {Top 10 Container Shipping Companies}

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Written by ANKUR KUNDU

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