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Shipfinex is proud to announce its First Tokenization Customer, TMC Shipping

TMC Shipping will tokenize a few of its assets on Shipfinex, making it one of the first #shipping companies in the UAE and Greece to do so. This will enable TMC Shipping to raise capital more efficiently from a new pool of investors, and also give investors the opportunity to participate in the maritime industry through fractional ownership of ships. This partnership is a testament to the positive role of technology in the #maritime industry, as it helps to improve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.


Generate Passive Income through Fractional Ownership of Ships

Pre-registration for early access and investing is currently open on the Shipfinex website:


Join us in celebrating this milestone and reshaping the future of the ship financing industry.

To learn more about Shipfinex and TMC Shipping, please visit our websites Capt.Vikas Pandey, CEO | Shipfinex and Mr Dimitris Orfanos, CFO | TMC Shipping released statements that can be read here.

With this news, we cemented our position as one of the leading ship financing platforms, and we are on our way to achieving our quest to make ship ownership globally accessible.

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