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World Economic

Forum| 6th Jan 2023 | Hyderabad

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Let's connect, explore and create new narratives for web3 ecosystem

Welcome to the first community Meet-up by Shipfinex.

A meet-up for builders, community managers, seafarers and blockchain advocates! Join us as we walk you through the Shipfinex initiative, blockchain technology, and prevailing market trends.

Hosted in collaboration with one of the first blockchain-friendly cafes - Meta V Cafe and in the heart of Hyderabad with Web3 degens Hyderabad Dao.

Start your 2023 networking and learning RWA - Real World Asset Tokenisation

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Community Meet-up Hyderabad


Capt. Vikas Pandey is a veteran of the Maritime sector and a successful entrepreneur.

He has 17 years of expertise in the shipping industry and 11 years of entrepreneurial experience in the Maritime sector, advanced technologies, telecommunication and biotechnology.

He is a thought leader and an advisor to multiple Web2 and Web3 projects

Capt. Vikas Pandey - Key Note Speaker

Capt. Vikas Pandey

Sai Poorna

Head of Community Outreach, CMO

Sai is a serial entrepreneur and runs other ventures apart from his technology interests. A well known figure in the Indian Blockchain and Web3 community. An early stage investor in various start ups in web-2 and web-3 and mentor to several start up founders. Associated with several web-3 projects. Sai hosted Raoul Pal ( founder of Real Vision ) and Jeff Booth on his channel. Sai is pivotal in helping Shipfinex make strong connections and building community that will make our ecosystem strong, and create value for all stakeholders.

Sai Poorna

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