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ShipFinex is tokenising the Maritime economy by creating accessibility for retail and institutional investors to buy, trade, sell and own fractional shares in Maritime assets. With a secure infrastructure layer, ShipFinex is addressing the problems of the Ship Finance ecosystem through underlying blockchain technology and integrating concepts of real-world asset tokenisation and fractional ownership. 


ShipFinex is a technology platform that offers fractional ownership of maritime assets, a decentralised marketplace to connect service providers to ship owners, additional metaverse capabilities to track assets present on the platform with integration of gamification and will facilitate a seamless flow of payments across the globe within the maritime economy under fully regulated guidelines. 

What is Shipfinex?

Marine assets vary in their operations, usage and ownership. From Cargo Ships to Cruise Ships, from private boats to Yachts all are considered under Marine Assets and will be available for tokenisation on ShipFinex platform. 

What are Marine Assets?

A  Marine Asset Token (MAT) is a unique way of introducing Maritime assets into a digital asset class (non-fungible tokens), whereby community and investors can partake in investing in multi-million dollar assets in a decentralised way. Each ship is owned by a company that only owns that ship. This is the usual operating practice in the real world in the maritime industry. The company that owns the ship can issue shares. Shipfinex will  tokenise the shares issued and offer them on the platform to investors.Each ship being tokenised will have its own unqiue MAT shares.MAT will represent a digital share of real-world corporate entity that owns that particular ships, allowing everyone an equal opportunity to invest in it and supplement the Maritime economy as a whole. 

What is a Marine Asset Token?

ShipFinex will enable Fractional Ownership of the Shipping assets. Marine Asset Token holders of a particular MAT will be shareholders of that specific  underlying Ship.

Can Maritime asset token holders become real owner of the ship or shareholders like in the share market ?

Yield is based on the ship’s performance in the real world. Such performance will be a net of charter hire rate received less operational maintenance costs,legal costs & other statutory costs. The resulting yield will be paid in USDT (Tether)

How will I get yield after investing in Marine Asset Token(MAT) ?

Marine asset tokens can only be purchased on Shipfinex. Users can use their home currency supported by popular payment gateways to fund their MAT purchase.

How can i buy Marine Asset Token?

All the Shipping assets listed on ShipFinex will undergo rigorous due diligence process and audits to make sure that only trusted real-world assets are available to invest on the platform. 

How do I know that the ship I am investing in is real and operates in a good manner?

ShipFinex as a Maritime Tokenisation platform will be open to all sorts of Ships to be listed on the platform, provided they meet strict audit criteria. Shipfinex will offer choices for investors to participate in offerings based on their choice, risk apetite and preference. 

What type of ships will I be able to invest in?

Yes, ShipFinex will host multiple assets listed on the platform, giving the opportunity to invest in different types of ships

Will i be able to invest in multiple ships (MAT)

Yes, the individual ship token being offered will be a Marine Asset Token (MAT). Each MAT will have its own value depending on the underlying asset (Ship) valuation and performance. 

Will every ship be an Individual Token ?

When a ship is involved in an incident such as sinking, fire etc, the insurance underwriters will investigate and compensate the owners according to the maritime law of the country where the ship is registered and the terms of the insurance.

What will happen to the Marine Asset Token ( MATs) if the ship Sinks?

Yes, MAT can be traded on the Shipfinex platform. Buying and Selling both options will be available for the investors in a seamless manner. 

Will i be able to sell the Marine Asset Token on SHIPFINEX platform after purchasing it?

All the Shipping assets listed on the ShipFinex will have a standard set of offering protocols to follow. Detailed information similar to an offering prospectus will be made available before being listed on Shipfinex to maintain the highest level of transparency for the investors.  

What information details will be shared with the investors?

When a ship gets decommissioned at the end of its trading life, it is sold to cash buyers. Cash buyers use the ship for scrap metal and they pay the company owning the ship an amount equal to the value of reusable steel in the ship’s hull.

What happens when a ship gets old or decommissioned?

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